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Ancient Minoan Art and Architecture

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The Minoan civilization was an Aegean civilization that emerged on the island of Crete and other Aegean islands, and lasted from around 3650 to 1400 BCE, when it was overrun by Mycenaean Greeks. No Minoan artifacts produced of wooden or textiles have survived to the present. The best preserved illustrations of Minoan art are pottery, and palace architecture with frescos that consist of stone carvings, intricately carved seal stones, and landscapes.

The earliest pottery is embellished with linear designs this kind of as fish bone motifs, curved strains, spirals, triangles, and crosses. Afterwards pottery integrated naturalistic patterns this kind of as squid, fish, birds, and lilies, with more and a lot more sorts of them represented as time went on.

Minoan towns have been connected with streets that were paved with stones, city streets ended up drained of rain water, and the higher courses experienced entry to water and sewer techniques using clay pipes. A lot of Minoan properties had two or 3 tales, often with the decrease partitions make of rubble and stone, and the upper walls manufactured of mud brick. They typically experienced flat roofs manufactured of tiles supported by timbers, and floors made of flagstone, plaster, or wood.

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